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What types of violation copies can I purchase on offers copies of the following NYC violations:

Violation Type Price per copy
FDNY Violation Orders $50
DOT Sidewalk Violations $50
PVT/DOB Elevator Violations $35
ECB Violations:
• FDNY (Fire) • DOT (Transportation)
• DOB (Buildings) • DOITT (Technology)
• DSNY (Sanitation) • Parks
• DEP (Environmental Protection) • Landmarks
• DOH (Health) • NYPD


I'm not exactly sure how to read my violation number. Can you help me understand what to look for?

ECB Violations

ECB Violations are often 9 digits, but can also be written with a leading "0". For example "140265510" can also be written as "0140265510". ECB Violations often, but not always, end in a letter.

Sidewalk Violations

Sidewalk Violations are often written as a string of numbers and may be preceded by a letter indicating the borough in which the violation was issued. Borough codes for sidewalk violations are as follows:

M - Manhattan
X - Bronx
R - Staten Island
K - Brooklyn
Q - Queens

FDNY Violation Orders

FDNY Violation Orders almost always begin with the letter "E" and are usually followed by 6 numbers (e.g. E416502).

PVT Elevator Violations

PVT Elevator Violations may be referred to by the DOB in several different ways. Often, the last six numbers represent the unique violation number. For example, elevator violation 123456 may be referred to as V111406E9444/123456 or 9444/123456 or PVT123456 or simply as 123456. In each case, the final six numbers are what uniquely identify the violation.

What if I can't find my violation copy on your site?

Although we have over 500,000 violation copies, there is a chance we may not currently have the violation you’re looking for. Check back regularly, as we update our library of violation copies frequently.

I need to purchase a large amount of violation copies. What's the best way to do that?

Our advanced search page allows you to upload a spreadsheet of violation numbers. A simple excel template is available for download on the advanced search page, though you are also welcome to upload your own spreadsheet using our simple formatting guidelines. You may also contact customer service to help with large orders or inquire about bulk pricing.

How long does it take to get a violation copy?

If we have the violation on file, you can download it instantly after purchase.

I made a purchase but can't find the violation copy I purchased. How do I access it?

Log in to and visit the "My Docs" section of the site. Every violation copy you have purchased is stored in this section and can be downloaded as many times as you need.

What if I'm looking for consecutively numbered violations?

If you are looking for several consecutively numbered violations, searching the common numbers within the group of violations will return all of them. For example, if you are searching for violations 123450, 123451, and 123452, typing in 12345 will return all three violations at once.

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